The 7 Best Cupcakes to Try in Cupcake Shops in Sydney

7 Best Cupcakes to Try in Cupcake Shops in Sydney Cupcakes are great to eat when you’re dieting, aren’t they? There’s no compromise on taste as compared to a cake and you eat fewer calories. Since it is small you don’t have to share it with anyone as well! Do you know the best cupcake flavors to try in Sydney?

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Here’s are a list of the best cupcakes you should try around in Sydney –

#1 Rocky Road Cupcake Vanilla Cupcakery is a cupcake shop located in Sydney known for its amazing rocky road cupcakes. If you are a chocolate lover and love that slight crunch in your buttercream frosting head to this place ASAP.

#2 Caramel cupcakeCaramel is love. My mouth waters only with the thought of homemade caramel buttercream on top of a chocolate cupcake. Isn’t it love at first sight?

#3 Orange and Mango Cupcake If you are on diet you should definitely try this cupcake. After all, it is made using fruits. This cupcake gives you a nice tropical feel. Also, the cupcake is filled with fresh mango puree.

#4 Peanut Butter Jelly Cupcake This cupcake is another classic from Vanilla Cupcakery. The cupcake shop’s peanut butter filled center will definitely give you a foodgasm. Strawberry jam on top gives your mouth a fresh feel.

#5 Rainbow Cupcake Many cupcake shops in Sydney have caught the trend. Rainbow cupcakes are a mood elevator. The brightly colored cupcakes are a favorite not only among children but adults too. Hosting a party soon? These should be your cupcakes of choice.

#6 Vanilla Cupcake This is one classic flavor that you just cannot afford to miss. A strongly flavored vanilla cupcake can get you through a bad day.

#7 Espresso Cupcake Do you love coffee as much as you love cupcakes? Well, Vanilla Cupcakery’s espresso cupcake will make you go crazy.You need to go there and try this out. Which is the best cupcake shop in Sydney? Sydney is a bustling country.

 Every other day there is a new outlet opening in the city. Out of all the cupcake shops in Sydney, Vanilla Cupcakery is definitely the best. Not only they have unusual flavors like espresso cupcake, coconut cupcake, carrot cupcake and flake cupcake but also the classics such as lemon cupcake, vanilla, and blueberry cupcakes.

Apart from cupcakes, Vanilla Cupcakery makes beautiful cupcakes in Sydney for personal and corporate purposes. Their banana petite cupcakes are bestsellers in Sydney. Eating a cupcake doesn’t need to be a special occasion. So head straight to this cupcake shop in Sydney, Australia today!

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